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Sue Burke Harrington


Artist’s Statement

I work with acrylics, found objects, and related media to prepare abstract works that typically reflect complex, multi-themed visualizations. I focus on embedding emotion, often conflict, into my creations. My goal is to draw the viewer into the piece and to fully reflect the underlying theme, conveying that emotion or conflict independently and without distractions from specific elements of the piece.  I work with water, thinning the paints and letting them flow, establishing line and organic shapes.
I am concerned with the importance of color and its influence on the subtle transitions in a space.
Once I begin the process, I am immersed in the flow of the paint and the reactions of the colors to each other that often takes my work in unexpected directions. I love to experiment, try new things and ideas.  In the end ideas are exchanged and a new conversation is created via the artwork, the artist and the viewer.




Born in Alma, Michigan, Sue was always drawing and painting as a child, often sketching in the woods near her home. Alma is a small city, a college town with many cultural opportunities. She began studying with the professors at Alma College while still in Jr. High.  While achieving a B. A. in Studio Art at Michigan State University, her artwork grew from realistic to abstract. Although her area of emphasis was painting, she enjoyed the many media offered, including printmaking, pottery and photography. Sue continued her art education on the graduate level at Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State, Michigan State and Northern Virginia University. 

Sue has belonged to many art organizations and groups, finding that mutual interests and support help an artist to grow and expand ideas as well as help new artists join the arts community.  When first in Texas, the art groups were all in Houston, so she and a couple of artists in the northwest area of Harris County began to discuss the need for a local art league.  They formed the Visual Arts Alliance of Northwest Harris County, now known as simply Visual Arts Alliance, a vibrant group in Houston.  She has held many board positions in art groups, including President of Visual Arts Alliance, PR for WIVLA,  etc. 

Sue has lived in many cities across the US and has enjoyed traveling around the world, studying the arts and culture of each land.  Her work reflects the journeys she has taken and her love of nature.  She primarily works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas.  Sue Burke Harrington’s artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the country and abroad, including the Art are Museum, Jung Center, the Goethe Institute, the Museum of the American West, The Albuquerque Museum, Michelle D. Long Gallery in Coppell, TX as well as The Center for Digital Arts in Los Angeles, CA, the Leelanau Cultural Center, Leelanau MI and The Big Show at the Lawndale Center for the Arts in Houston, TX. As a KINSA Award winner, her photographs were displayed in New York City. Sue has had exhibitions in many states around the country including Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and of course Texas, which she has called home since 1978.


Her work can also be seen on her website http://www.sueburkeharrington.com, and www.artists-galleries.com as well as her studio in The Woodlands. TX. Email her at sbh@sburkeharrington.com for an appointment.