Sue Burke Harrington

Photo Collage

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The textures and colors of Sue’s pieces present countless layers of tiny, infinite universes in which viewers can get lost. Both abstract and sometimes hauntingly real, the pieces welcome philosophical thought as well as walking meditation. Whatever is read between the lines is for the beholder to discover - a full spectrum of what can be imagined. Sue is an award winning artist with collectors across the nation as well as internationally.


Intimate with the Eiffel

Dog Day Afternoon

Bridge the Gap

Playing in the City

Not There

The Crossing

Sweet Walls

Family Roots

Knowledge Passed

Prickly Pear Family






You Build the Walls

48 x 36


Evening on the Veranda


Roots III


Art Spirit Reborn


Life's Spiral



Paddling in the Sands of Time



Through the Windows of My Mind


Sampan II



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